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StudyForge Licenses

The ins and outs of StudyForge Licenses.

How It Works

Students access StudyForge courses and content using licenses. 

Schools set up any of our pre-built courses in their LMS (Agilix Buzz, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Schoology) and allow students access. 

Through single sign-on, when a student accesses StudyForge for the first time in any given course a license is used from the school's account and that student now has access to that course as well as all prerequisite content for 365 days. 

Note: Teachers and administrators access StudyForge content completely free.

Universal Licenses 

StudyForge licenses are universal which means that they can be used for any of our courses. You don’t need to buy a different license type for each course we offer, just add licenses to your account and they are ready whenever you need them.

Prerequisite Content

We believe in Mastery Based Education and so we don’t want to wall off content that would help a student succeed in any given course. Therefore our licenses not only give access to the course that the student is currently taking, but all of the prerequisite content as well. This is so that they can refer back to concepts that they may not have fully grasped.

To learn more about what prerequisites are included with each course click here to read our article on course streams.

Grace Period

There are some situations where students start courses and then for unforeseen reasons can’t continue. We understand that these situations happen and therefore offer a 21 day grace period where schools can cancel a student's enrollment in a course and have the license refunded to the school’s account with no questions asked.


Click here for information on our pricing.

If you have anymore questions about how our licenses work or need to order more, please reach out to us at info@studyforge.net.