How do I change my email notification settings?

As a teacher, StudyForge emails notifications when students have completed an assessment or submitted an assignment. You have a choice to receive them immediately, daily, weekly or never. Here's how to set your preferred setting.

Click into a StudyForge Lesson from your LMS. 

Click the hamburger menu on the navigation bar.

Navigation Hamburger Menu


Click Account Settings.

Navigation Account Settings


Click Change Email Subscriptions.

Change Email Subscriptions


Select the setting of how often you want to receive student submissions: Immediately, Daily Digest, Weekly Digest, or Never.

Quiz Notifcation Setting Options


Click Save Email Preferences.

Save Email Preferences

So now your inbox will fill up at your least for student assessments and submissions.😁

Hey...BTW, if you no longer teach a course but are still getting notifications, here's an article on how to remove yourself from the course, and stop getting unnecessary, pesky email notifications.

How do I remove a teacher from a course group?