How do I install (restore) a StudyForge course in Moodle?

All the steps you need to get your StudyForge course up and running in Moodle today.

Part 1: Moodle Instructions for Installing (Restoring) A Course 

Part 2: Setup StudyForge as an External Tool in Moodle

Step 1: Site Administration

1. Log in to your Moodle account and click on Site Administration.

2. Next click on the Plugins tab.

3. Click on Manage tools.

Step 2: Manage Tools

1. Click on configure a tool manually.

Step 3: External Tool Configuration

1. Enter the Tool name as StudyForge.

2. Enter the Tool URL as

3. Enter your Consumer Key and Secret (If you don't have this, please contact us).

4. Make sure "Share launcher's name with tool" is set to "Always."

5. Make sure "Share launcher's email with tool" is set to "Always."

6. Make sure you choose "Delegate to teacher" in the "Accept grades from the tool" drop down list.

7. Click "Save changes.

👏 Well done! You've installed a StudyForge course in Moodle.