How to replace an LTI link in Moodle

Sometimes you have a lesson or test that's not working or you have a customized test you need to update. Once we've sent you the new LTI link, here's how to replace the existing LTI link and install the new one.

1. In your Moodle course page, click on the settings icon to the right of your course title.

Edit Settings - Moodle

2. Click Turn editing on.

Turn Editing On - Moodle-2

3. Find the test/lesson that you need replace the LTI link and click Edit down arrow.

Click Edit On Quiz- Moodle-Jun-30-2021-10-46-42-82-PM

4. Select Edit Settings.

Edit Settings 2 - Moodle

5. Paste the correct LTI link in the Launch URL box.

Paste Launch URL - Moodle

6. Click Save and return to course.

Save and return to course - Moodle

Nice Work! 👏🏻 You're back in business, your test or lesson will be working now.