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How do I add time when my student's enrollment has expired?

How to extend an enrollment period (add time) for a student.

Step 1: Home Page

In your LMS go to a StudyForge course and click on a lesson. This will log you into StudyForge.

1. Click the menu icon in the top right corner.

Numbered StudyForge Hamburger Menu

2. Click on Manage Users.

    Step 2: Manage Users

    1. Type the student's name in the Search box. 

    2. Find the Enrolment Expires On column and click on the enrollment period.

    Step 3: Enrolment Periods

    1. Click on Create a new enrolment period

    2. Select the Course that you would like to extend time for.

    3. Extend the enrollment period in one of the following ways.

    • Select the amount days to add.
    • Choose the amount of credits to spend.
    • Select an end date for the enrollment to expire.

    4. Click Create.

    Enrolment Periods-2

    5. A new record is created in the enrollment periods list.

    🙌 Your student can now keep on forging!