How do I Enable Third Party Cookies in Chrome?

What to do when you get an error message asking you to enable third party cookies.

On the top-right corner of the Chrome window click the customize menu icon - it has three dots on top of each other.

Chrome - 3 dot settings icon


Select the Settings option in the dropdown menu

Chrome - settings selection


On the Settings page, go to the top of the page in the search bar and type cookies.

Chrome search bar - cookies

This will bring up options that includes the word cookies.

Select Site Settings

Chrome - Site Settings

Select Cookies and other site data

Chrome - Cookies and other site data-1

Select the first option, Allow all cookies to enable cookies.

This will allow all websites to store cookies on your computer for as long as the websites want to.
This option also will allow "first-party cookies" (which are cookies from the website you are actually visiting) as well as "third-party cookies" (which are cookies set by a website that's different to the one you're actually visiting - in our case it allows another window to open  so you can print).

Chrome - Gen Settings Allow all cookies

Note: If you don't want to enable cookies for all sites, then you can add StudyForge individually.

Scroll to Sites that can always use cookies and click the Add button

Chrome -Settings - Cookies and other site data - Add site

In the Site box, type:

Check the box - Including third-party cookies on this site

Click the Add button

Chrome add site - cookies

There is it!

Chrome - SF added site for cookies-1

🙌🏻Great you should no longer encounter that pesky third party cookies error message.