Changing a StudyForge Icon in Moodle

Sometimes when an LTI link is replaced, it will also change the icon as well. Follow these steps to change the icon so that it matches the rest of the icons on the page.

1. In your Moodle course page, click on the settings icon to the right of your course title.

Edit Settings - Moodle

2. Click Turn editing on.

Turn Editing On - Moodle-2

3. Find the test/lesson that you need replace the LTI link and click Edit down arrow.

Icon Edit Setting

4. Select Edit Settings.

Edit Settings 2 - Moodle


5. In the Edit Setting page, click Show More.

Show More button-2

6. Scroll down and make sure the Preconfigured tool field is set to Automatic, based on tool URL.

Paste the LTI link we emailed you in the Icon URL field. 

Click Save and return to course.

Copy lti link in Icon URL


Save and return to course 2 - Moodle

7. Turn off editing and now scroll to the replaced icon to confirm it matches the rest of the icons.

fixed icon

Now everything looks nice and organized.🙂